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"Our band," the National Symphony Orchestra was on a national tour, their last one under Leonard Slatkin. Here is a hint at the impression they left in their wake: reviews from their performances and articles relating to their tour.

On the NSO's "four-day residency" in Nebraska:

"Symphony sweeps through Nebraska" (only as .pdf file)
Omaha World Herald
By Ashley Hassebroek
March 30, 2006

"National Symphony does what it does best" (only as .pdf file)
Omaha World Herald
By Ashley Hassebroek
April 2, 2006

Chicago: The Job He's Eyeing?

"Slatkin visit may be peek at future"
Chicago Tribune
By John von Rhein
April 2, 2006

On the same topic:
"Slatkin Rumored to Be Eyeing Barenboim's Chair at Chicago Symphony"
By Vivien Schweitzer - Playbill Arts
April 3, 2006

"Slatkin and National in fine form" (only as .pdf file)
Chicago Sun-Times online
By Wynne Delacoma
April 4, 2006

"Slatkin Takes NSO Beyond its Years" (only as .pdf file)
Chicago Tribune
By John von Rhein
April 4, 2006

Little by way of love from Philadelphia

Preview & Article
"A modern maestro makes fine tradition - Slatkin to conduct NSO at Kimmel" (alternative .pdf file)
Philadelphia Inquirer
By David Patrick Stearns
April 05, 2006

"An unenlightening visit from National Symphony" (alternative .pdf file)
By Peter Dobrin
Philadelphia Inquirer
April 07, 2006

Welcome, New Brunswick!

"National becoming a force"
Newark Star-Ledger (New Jersey)
Thursday, April 06, 2006
By Willa J. Conrad

New York, New York:

"Dark Mood in America, Supercharged Emotions in Europe" (alternative .pdf file)
New York Times
April 10, 2006
By Bernard Holland

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