Stroke That Ego... 

The admirable and enviable Alex Ross, Music Critic for The New Yorker and blogger at "The Rest is Noise" has following kind words for me (as well the always appreciated link to Ionarts).

Not much else to offer today. It's nice to be alive. I commend to your attention some excellent posts at ionarts on Messiaen's St. Francis and the underrated Alessandra Marc in DC. And congratulations to the excellent Jens Laurson on his Post debut. We've seen political bloggers make the leap into the so-called mainstream, and now classical blöggères are doing the same.
Yay. And Steve Huff from "People Will Say We're In Love" links to this humble vanity-blog (rather than Charles T. Downey's far superior IOnArts) with the words: "Music Criticism at it's BEST - Remarkably intelligent, articulate writing about the Arts, esp. Music."

You know it's a lie when words like "BEST" are used - but say it about me and I'll take it with a kiss and a mint on the pillow. Many thanks.

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