Anyone for Tennis? 

A little occursion to the greens of Wimbledon. Defending champion Roger Federer and Andy Roddick, the number one and two seats respectively met each other in the final - and what a final it was. Splendid tennis at the highest level, both players giving it their best and Roger Federer with the better end after (yet another) rain break. Not only was it wonderful to see Federer's excellent playing... truly one of the best players on the tour these days, with tennis to kindle excitement even among those spoiled by the tennis played by the likes of Borg, Stich, Edberg et al., it was also good to see Roddick play well and act even finer. Little consolation as it must be to him, losing the Wimbledon final, this loss and his demeanor are certain to make him grow and even better liked among tennis-aficionados around the world. The young man who started as a power-playing, cocky American youngster is maturing quickly into one of the finest additions to tennis. A few more losses like that and he'll be well on his way to becoming a tennis-great. Federer might already be there... and tennis fans rightfully hope for theirs to become a rivalry for years to come.

P.S. Now we just need a Murat Safin at the top of his game to re-enter the scene!

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