...it's a start 

A little late to jump on the train of blogging, is it not? Whimsy at 12:12pm, Wednesday February 2004 the cause; Sharing the odd mix of Politics & Art the goal.

What you can expect:

On Arts, in particular classical music, I get rid of my messianic zeal - which is why I have none left for Politics.

The idea that any one idea in politics is right absolutely and its opposite false entirely is absurd. Not that this means there can't be a better or worse way to go about things, but those can often be determined by close examination of the goals, facts and results of a given action. Needless to say, ideology is much more convenient. J.S. Bach is clearly better than R. Keiser - and if I should think that G.W. Bush was better than J. Kerry, at least I know that this isn't intrisically so. Bush could be better because he promised to bring fiscal conservatism and a humble foreign policy to Washington. Given the upcoming elections in which I shan't participate (as a German) I might want to look at the record and see how "W." has done so far. Perhaps it's necessary to give someone else a chance to break his promises?

Classical Music Reviews

I will rehash articles and reviews I wrote for Ionarts, the premier Washington Culture Blog devotedly run by Charles T. Downey.


The occasional editorial may find its way here - most likely from the International Affairs Forum, the on-line journal of the Center for International Relations, a non-profit organization devoted to the dissemination of information on international affairs from the entire political spectrum in one convenient location.

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